I’m the CEO, is it not HR’s job to explain our workplace adjustments process to our line managers? Can I not leave it in their capable hands?

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If you are the CEO,a senior executive or any leader within an organisation, you are also a line manager and have direct reports. Change starts at the top. You need to have these conversations with your team members in one-to-ones. You need to role-model the behaviour, take charge from the front. If you have or need a workplace adjustment, speak to HR and consider sharing with the rest of your organisation that you have an adjustment in place. Share how it has positively impacted your ability to do your best work.

As a quick summary, a positive workplace adjustments process is not hard to implement. Beyond what your HR will most likely have already done, it is in your line managers’ hands to reinforce your inclusive and forward-thinking approach to adjustments. They need to include workplace adjustments conversations in one-to-ones, review team members adjustment statuses regularly and keep good records. That’s it. Over to you and your team.