I can see why we should have workplace adjustments conversations and the importance of keeping a record of those conversations but when should my line managers have this conversation and what should they say?

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The first time your line manager should mention workplace adjustments is during their first one-to-one with their new team member. This shouldn’t be the first time the employee has heard about your workplace adjustments process just the first time their line manager has spoken about it. Even if they are completely new to your organisation, they should already have heard about the possibility of adjustments being made during their job application, after accepting their new role and during the onboarding process.Your organisation may also have made signals about your positive workplace adjustments processes in other forums such as on your website, through podcasts you have released to the public or during town halls and company-wide broadcasts. All this is to say, this conversation won’t be unexpected and will reinforce your inclusive culture and dedication to ensuring every employee has all they need to do their job well.