A workplace adjustments process that leaves you and your line managers feeling confident.

Say goodbye to informal or missing workplace adjustments. Our process leaves your line managers feeling confident to discuss and implement workplace adjustments with their team members. We teach your HR disability champion how to ensure your disability policy works in practice. We help you keep on the right side of the Equality Act 2010. Move from informal or non-existent adjustments to an inclusive culture that values great conversations, deeper connections and trust between your team members and their line managers.

Implementation overview
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We train a member of your HR team in our implementation process. They get all the tools and templates required to power up your line managers' one-to-ones.

We're there by their side every step of the way. With six months coaching support to supplement the training, you can be certain you have everything you need to ensure your disabled employees can do their best work.
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A bit of Q&A

Feel free to reach out with any further questions you have.

How long is the implementation process?

The full process takes six months but implementation begins within 4 weeks. We like to move fast. It took three years of research to develop this methodology but your organisation can take advantage of it immediately.

What's involved?

First, you decide on who within your HR team will serve as the disability champion. We then provide them with the training in our methodology. This is followed up with six months of coaching so we can be by their side as they go through the implementation journey.

They receive a checklist of actions to complete and all the tools and templates to succeed. We support them all the way.

Why HR and not a member of the equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging team?

We liaise with your EDIB (EDI, DEI, AJEDI, GEDI) team as is needed to forge strong bonds between your HR disability champion. But, it is important HR take responsibility for this as they are ultimately impacted if the legal duty to implement workplace adjustments is not met.

What do we actually leave with?

The end result is that your line managers regularly deliver great one-to-ones that include workplace adjustment conversations. They keep good records and no longer implement informal adjustments.

More of your employees share their support needs and you, as HR, are fully aware of your line managers' progress with keeping on top of reviews and records.

Ultimately, this means the risk of getting this wrong is lowered and your employees are supported to do their best work.

What does the coaching look like?

It's one-to-one and is tailored to the needs of your HR disability champion as they require. At different stages throughout the implementation process they may hit hurdles that we can quickly resolve. We have tools and templates for most scenarios.

What expectations do you have of our HR person?

They need to be fully committed to this process. We'll support them every step of the way.

How do we get in touch

We only work with a handful of organisations a year in order to provide the service you deserve. If you use the button below to get in touch we'll get back to you shortly to book in a one-to-one 30 minute call.