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Provide guidance to your staff on hiring disabled people. Line managers and HR teams need to feel comfortable and confident to handle conversations about disability sensitively, reflecting your positive and supportive culture.

Employees may discuss their disability with line managers and not your HR team. Your employees may be unaware of their legal right to reasonable adjustments and the potential availability of an Access to Work grant to help with assessing their needs and to support with any suggested adjustments. They may also be concerned about who their disability disclosure will be shared with; be clear about where this information is kept and who will be made aware of their disability and why.

Ensure your line managers understand the definition of disability in relation to the Equality Act 2010 as the definition may cover conditions that they are unaware are classed as a disability.

Keep records on conversations with employees about disability, including what was said and by whom, any actions decided on and the date and time that you spoke. In the event of an employment tribunal, these records, including any adjustments you made, may be required.

After an employee’s reasonable adjustments have been implemented, ensure you check in with them regularly to see if the adjustments are working effectively. And, be sure to consult with them when implementing new technology or working practices too as these may require additional adjustments to be made. These measures will help avoid any resulting performance issues that may arise that could have been addressed through the adequate implementation of reasonable adjustments.

Consider setting up a Reasonable Adjustment Passport for employees for whom you have made adjustments. This will help ensure reasonable adjustments are in place and up-to-date when changing job roles or managers.

Find out how to set up a Reasonable Adjustment Passport or apply to join WorkFA and manage reasonable adjustments digitally.

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