New platform features and updates Nov 2020 🤩 🙌 🎉

by Lucy Cole

New platform features Nov 2020

Our latest product updates were focussed on simplification. Simplifying the dashboard, the adding of adjustments, notifications and pricing.

Your feedback and input has drastically improved the platform and so we say thank you to all of you.

We'll continue to work hard to make the workplace adjustment process as effortless as possible for you the employer and for your employees.

Recent updates


  • We reduced the number of fields required to be filled in during the adding of the adjustments.

  • You can now create drafts and return later to approve the adjustment after discussing them with your employee.

  • We simplified the adjustment view adding "Not working" tags for when adjustments are not working for your employee.

  • We made it easier for your employee to feedback on adjustments.

  • We added automated review emails to be sent to employees


  • No more endless lists of notifications! As requested, we've removed notification of adjustment approval and shifted our notification process from "On platform" to "Email first".

  • Only important notifications are sent out. As a manager, you now receive the most important notifications direct to your email. As an employee, you receive adjustment approval and review notifications only.


  • We've switched the pricing from the tiered subscriptions you said were difficult to cost accurately to per-employee pricing! It now costs £18/month per employee whose workplace adjustments you manage using the platform.

Written by

Lucy Cole

for WorkFA

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