Manage flexible working and workplace adjustments with ease.

WorkFA takes the work out of flexible working and workplace adjustments. Our digital concierge system manages everything from recording adjustments to automating timely & critical reviews, giving you more time to focus on your people.

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Implementing better workplace adjustments could save

per employee

The cost of mental health related sick days.

turnover cost

The cost of replacing an employee who could have been supported through workplace adjustments.

average tribunal payout

Average payout of a disability discrimination case. The largest payout on record is £4.7M.

legal costs

The legal costs of a disbility discrimination tribunal.

It is best to ask all employees if they require any workplace adjustments, not just the employees that have informed you that they have a disbility or long-term health condition.

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Core features

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1. Record workplace adjustments with ease

Using WorkFA, line managers ensure that there are clear records of all current and previous adjustments for an employee.

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2. Never miss an adjustment review

Employees are sent adjustment review requests at exactly the right time after adjustments have been implemented.

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3. Add additional adjustments for bad days

Conditions vary, WorkFA allows for this. Implement additional or different adjustments for an employee's bad days. Employees turn these on with one-click. Line managers are notified in an instant.

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4. Maintain a GDPR-compliant audit trail

HR teams can access an audit trail for any employee's adjustments as implemented by any line manager at any time. Say goodbye to lost, verbal-only or unofficial adjustments.

Guided concierge process

Our automated and guided system ensures that all line managers complete the same reasonable adjustments process every time.

A guided workplace adjustment form

Line or HR Manager adds draft workplace adjustments using our pre-designed form.

One-click approval

The WorkFA platform provides a template for managers to discuss proposed adjustments with an employee. Following this, adjustments are approved with one click.

Automated notifcations for HR and employees

On approval of adjustments, HR teams and the employee are notified. Access to all adjustments are provided via our bespoke dashboard.

Timely adjustment reviews

Employees receive simple feedback requests one week, one month and then every 90 days after implementation of an adjustment.

Issue alerts for HR and Line Managers

HR and Line Managers are automatically notified when adjustments are not working, along with helpful explanations.

HR audits & paper trails

HR teams can quickly review the history of an employee's workplace adjustments, with clear audit trails that detail all of the key information needed.

Our promise

The anonymised data on workplace barriers, conditions and adjustments collected by WorkFA is used to help all employers implement better adjustments and to help governments improve work environments for all employees.

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