Manage flexible working and workplace adjustments with confidence

HR teams use WorkFA to create environments where their organisations' managers feel confident to discuss workplace adjustment and flexible working needs.

Join them on our platform to ensure your workplace works for all.
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We take care of:

  • recording workplace adjustments
  • audit trails
  • timely workplace adjustment reviews
  • keeping on top of legislation
  • and much more...
Picture of disabled employees within a workplace environment that has implemented workplace adjustments.

We're on a mission to make
workplaces work for all.

Our courses

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Inclusive Language

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Workplace Adjustments • A guide for UK Employers

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In conversation with Haydn, Ellie and Kurt

Haydn, Ellie and Kurt of Happy Smiles Training

by Alex Winstanley on

Haydn, Ellie and Kurt explore how employers can dramatically improve the workplace for disabled employees.

Marginalia Virtual Reality

New platform features and updates Nov 2020 🤩 🙌 🎉

by Lucy Cole on

Updates to the dashboard, adjustments, notifications and pricing.

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