A workplace adjustments process that works.

Avoid unknowingly discriminating against your disabled employees and ensure they can do their best work through our training and tools.
Adjustments let me
do my best work!
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The largest payout in a UK disability discrimination employment tribunal.

turnover cost

The cost of replacing an employee who could have been supported through workplace adjustments.

avg. payout

Average payout of a disability discrimination case.

per employee

The cost of mental health related sick days.

Connection, trust and loyalty are built through compassionate 1 on 1 conversations.

The success of your organisation rests on the relationship between your line managers and their team members. By providing a clear framework for regular line manager/team member workplace adjustments conversations you will ensure your organisation stays on the right side of the law. You'll also create an environment where all your employees thrive.

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What if your organisation no longer allowed a common adjustment – the wearing of glasses, contact lenses or laser eye treatment? Which of your star employees would struggle to do their best work? Who would you lose to your competitors?

Now think about the star employees you are currently losing if your line managers are not confident about the workplace adjustments process.

In a recent Lloyds Banking Group employee survey they found that 12,500 employees shared that they had a disability, that's just over 20% of their 60,000 person workforce.

It was recently reported in People Management that 2 out of 5 employees who have shared that they have a disability do not receive reasonable adjustments and less than half of line managers feel confident in supporting an employee with a health condition. Your culture could be different.

An effective, line manager led, workplace adjustments process is a competitive advantage that gives your organisation access to a talent pool that your competitors may be missing out on. It's one of the easiest wins to accumulate top talent. If you don't have a good workplace adjustments process employees leave. If you do have a good process, they stay.
Beez Fedia, Founder at WorkFA

Remember your 4 Rs...

The first R


Build connection and provide a supportive environment for psychologically safe interactions with your team.

The second R


Trust your team, don't make assumptions. If they request adjustments, think about how that may improve the performance of your team.

The third R


Keep good records. Share these with your team member. Store them in your HR system.

The fourth R


Review all your team members' adjustment needs regularly (not just team members who have an adjustment in place).

Three ways we support you

We want all organisations to adopt an effective line manager led workplace adjustments process. We support you via


We provide the resources and coach a member of your HR team to be your disability champion.

They learn our full methodology for powering up your line managers' one-to-ones. We bring all the tools and templates required to implement our process rapidly.

Our implementation method

Free resources

We want to support all organisations in their quest to improve the workplace adjustments process. Read our free book on How to Avoid a £4.7M Mistake or our blog posts where we share in-depth guides, interviews and tools and tips.

This training transforms your culture.

We focus on improving the workplace adjustments process. Yet, through our methodology you also end up with confident line managers that lead compassionate conversations and conduct regular, supportive, 1 to 1s. Their empathetic approach results in trust filled relationships with all their team members. Culture transformed.

Line manager culture trait
Understands the organisational benefit of workplace adjustments
Conducts regular 1 to 1s
Leads with empathy
Respects their team
Keeps good records to allow the organisation to learn and grow
Asks for help when they need it
Understands that rapport builds trust
Puts their team first

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